We offer a wealth of experience as coaches. We know how to build rapport and trust so that we can support, challenge and enable you to extend your range and build your confidence as leaders. We use our leadership experience to inform the open questions and discussions that generate insight and help shape your actions in relation the challenges that you face.

We are empathetic, provocative and always supportive in our coaching. We work with our coachees agenda, helping them to explore the challenges that they face in ways that might open up new insights and new options. We help people consider their current thoughts and feelings in order to help them step back from their existing responses and to consider alternative ways of looking at their situation. We help people make sense of the difficulties they face and explore alternative options for how to understand the issues and potentially modify their approach in order to find positive ways forward.

  • We are experienced and qualified coaches, with substantial leadership knowledge – so we can help you open up new avenues of thought and action
  • We use our coaching skills to help you explore your reactions to the challenges ahead of you, to understand the way you are currently thinking about these challenges and to explore new ways of framing the situation and consider new approaches
  • We are skilled in the use of open questions – so we can help you develop new insights into the situations you face and help you develop your thinking about these challenges and consider new options for actions
  • We support people to act in new ways – helping you to reflect upon what you have learnt from taking action, helping you to develop new leadership skills and build your capacity to reflect upon and moderate your approach as you navigate new and complex leadership challenges.

Working with multiple coachees across a leadership team, either within an organisation or across a system, we help support the development of a whole team or system. This type of coaching enables us to achieve positive outcomes not only for individuals but also for the collaborative efforts and achievements of wider teams or systems. This helps to build an agile, resilient and capable cadre of leaders across an organisation or system with the abilities to navigate complexity and uncertainty.

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