Organisational and systems development

When we develop groups of leaders within organisations and systems our work often helps you develop the organisation or system delivering an enhanced and sustainable future impact. This perspective ensures that in the design and delivery of your programme we focus on creating the most powerful vehicles for delivering organisational or system ambitions.

We often work to ensure a collaborative approach to organisational and system development bringing rigour, momentum and support to your strategy mobilisation process.

  • We use clear and consistent method to stimulate innovative delivery and funding opportunities for organisations and systems - helping you to link activities across local, central and functional boundaries to create alignment, maximise leverage and facilitate shared learning 
  • We help you develop new relationships with system stakeholders - supporting you to undertake experiments in service delivery and funding with an increased use of data and insight and a better understanding of the systems and processes needed to support a sustainable approach to organisational and system wide development in the future
  • We help organisations and systems to gather and analyse data to help them understand the multiple localities in which you work - supporting you to map and engage stakeholders and co-create new locality offers as well as scan horizons and innovate 
  • We support organisations and systems in the evaluation of new interventions/offers – helping you to gather data and create spread where desirable and possible

Organisational and systems development offers us the opportunity to work with you to build impact and future sustainability. It is at the heart of our work and supports you in ensuring that our collaborative learning interventions have impact on the culture and the future working practices of the organisation and the system, delivering improved services for the communities that you serve.

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