Team and board development

We work with teams to help them clarify their goals and methods of achieving them and we help them develop new ways of working and strong, collaborate relationships. We focus on building trust and accountability and we enhance their ability to embrace diversity and difference and navigate conflict. We also offer Board development to support their ability to develop strategy and tackle complex and wicked challenges in highly political environments.

High performing teams enhance and accelerate organisational development. They help to change cultures and they contribute to the design and delivery of organisational strategic ambitions. In developing teams we are shaping successful organisations in action.

  • We know how high performing teams work – so we can help you explore your ways of working and help you adopt new mind-sets, behaviours and approaches 
  • We understand team dynamics – so we can help you explore your perceptions of each other and your intra and inter team dynamics in order that you can resolve conflict and increase your understanding and appreciation of each other  
  • We are skilled at team coaching – so we can observe your interactions and offer feedback that supports constructive and evidence-based discussions that will help you develop new processes and methods of working together 
  • We are skilled at strategic facilitation – so we can hold systematic discussions that help you make sense of your environment and enable you to understand the opportunities and challenges it generates for you and your organisation

High performing Boards are critical to high impact organisational performance. When supporting boards, we help you to understand your roles and responsibilities and map your political landscape so that you can clarify your position within it. We help you to develop your strategic vision and build your ability to understand the nature of the complex and often inter-connected challenges you face.

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