Strategy development

We work with leaders to help them develop effective strategies that take full account of the challenges and opportunities that arise from the complex, dynamic and uncertain environments in which you operate. We help you revisit fundamental questions of organisational purpose in these new environments and explore the ways in which this can be articulated as a compelling narrative that can drive the organisation or system forward in ways that take advantage of new opportunities while improving organisational or system impact.

We understand how to develop effective organisational strategies that are founded upon a clear and systematic understanding of the environment as well as robust thinking about the way in which all the resources of the organisation can be aligned to future achievement and success. A good strategy, whether for an organisation or a system, can provide direction, motivation and inspiration for all.

  • We know how to systematically explore the complex environments in which you operate - helping you to create an evidence based approach to the identification of strategies that speak to a clear and logical set of actions that will help you deliver the purpose of your organisation or system
  • We know how to create strategy development processes that can engage large numbers of people - giving you the tools to build strategies that can inspire wide spread support and enable collaborative effort across teams, organisations and systems
  • We are skilled at helping you create compelling strategic narratives - so you can effectively inspire, persuade and connect all those within your organisation, or across your system, with the strategies necessary for future success

Developing effective strategies require an acute sensitivity to and knowledge of the environment. We are aware of the need to shape strategies that may need to accommodate the existence of considerable uncertainty and we can help you with this. We will support you to develop strategies that build organisational or system resilience and support the emergence of learning about the most successful ways of delivering purpose in a highly dynamic environment.