Action learning sets, praxis groups and impact groups

We believe that leadership development occurs via knowledge acquisition, skill development and behaviour change, which need to be explored and strengthened via a variety of work-based experiences. We ensure your leaders are able to apply their learning - helping you to transfer new insights and understandings to the delivery of the organisation’s and the system’s strategic ambitions. Action learning, praxis groups and impact groups are vital mechanisms for providing you with opportunities to work across their structural boundaries together and to explore project challenges such as scoping, stakeholder engagement, project team relationships and evaluation.

We’ve facilitated countless small groups such as action learning sets, praxis groups and impact groups. In these groups we ensure that leaders use their learning to think differently about their challenges in order to find new ways of engaging with them.

  • We stimulate double loop learning by using coaching techniques, challenging and provoking and working reflexively with what’s going in the group
  • We pay attention to conscious and unconscious group processes, - supporting you to notice your own perceptions, feelings and thoughts in order that you can use the group to explore new ways of taking actions and making progress with new challenges in the world
  • The architecture of many of these interventions includes organisational sponsors and change projects - helping you create vehicles for experimentation and tests of change

Our work with you always has a practical intent, to support your leaders to take to apply learning in the world and to build their skills and confidence in action. We will support you through the use of learning groups in this task of application and delivery, providing the space and creating the conditions that enable you to reflect, learn and use new approaches to make a difference to the organisation and the system in the practical delivery of change.

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