Leadership development programmes

We design, direct and deliver transformational leadership development programmes for systems and organisations. We help participants acquire knowledge, shift perspective, change behaviour, and develop skills. Our interventions enable them to engage in new conversations, build strong relationships and generate imaginative ideas. We work creatively and experientially to offer stimulation, stretch and challenge and we help you build the right conditions for change in your organisations.

We engage collaboratively with all those who commission our work as well as those who participate in it and we take time to understand our client’s context in order that we can deliver what they need in the way that they need it. This partnership runs through our approach to the design, the delivery and the evaluation of our leadership development programmes.

  • We know how to ensure engagement in our programmes whether they are delivered online or face to face - specifically using delivery methodologies that are experiential and engaging whilst providing stretch and challenge
  • We are driven by a belief that really good leadership enables organisations deliver better services - all our programmes help you transform the approaches of your people, whole organisations and systems to the challenges ahead by helping you acquire new knowledge, develop new thinking and change ways of behaving
  • We know how important it is for development to become rooted in new behaviours - so we ensure the practical application of learning, helping you learn from experience and practice
  • We always encourage a whole systems approach - helping you understand and take full account of the often-complex environment in which you work

We have designed and delivered thousands of leadership, team, organisational and system wide development interventions for a wide variety of teams, organisations and systems. We have worked with many board members, senior managers, professional leaders and those working at the coalface of organisations and systems who deliver services, build local relationships and create opportunities for organisations and systems to improve.

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